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Trade Associations play such an important and unique role within their industries; providing help, guidance and thought leadership for its members. However, manual processes and a lack of effective digitisation often hamper an association's ability to grow or add even greater value to its members.

That's where Nucleus comes in — a single software platform for revolutionising and automating many of an association's most important interactions with its members; from membership management and renewals, to digitising and scaling a versatile training offering in multiple languages and territories or managing purchases and payments with cutting-edge eCommerce.

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Key Features

Digital Content Authoring

Create beautiful and versatile digital content for on demand learning, classroom training or marketing assets. Our easy-to-use authoring tool empowers you to create or edit mobile optimised content in minutes and distribute it to whomever you choose. No need for expensive third-party design tools anymore!

Membership Management CRM

Gone are the days of manually keeping your CRM (or worse, spreadsheets) up to date. Our Membership Management CRM has been specifically built for associations and includes additional automation protocols. When a member either registers for the first time, purchases a place on a training course or event, their profile in your CRM is automatically updated.

Learning & Training Management

Associations often provide key industry courses and qualifications. With Nucleus, you can either fully digitise or part-digitise your courses, enhancing your students' learning experiences and making your training proposition leaner and more scalable as a result.

Automated eCommerce

Financial interactions are the cause of a lot of manual administration for associations. Our eCommerce tools run through the heart of every module in Nucleus, providing associations with the fastest and easiest way for your members to purchase products and services from you - all of which automatically update your CRM.

Secure Assessments

Assessing students remotely and ensuring that they have obtained the required level of understanding and competence has always traditionally been tricky without a trusted invigilator in the room. With Secure Assessments, students' devices are locked down to prevent cheating, and images of the device's desktop and camera are captured - enabling associations to securely assess students wherever they are in the World.

Verifiable Qualifications

Once students have successfully passed their assessments, it is important to ensure that their certificate can't be edited to change the student's name or qualification date. Nucleus certificates have a unique QR code, so any certificate can be scanned to reveal the original, making it impossible to fraudulently doctor.

Classroom Teaching Tools

Having all your learning content in one place is great for ensuring consistency if you have a network of trainers delivering courses for you. Using the same authoring tool that your on-demand courses were built in ensures that students have a consistently high learning experience across all devices and teaching mechanisms.

Event Management

Manage trade shows and interactive webinars within one platform and automatically have attendees' details added to their profiles within your CRM. Let members register and pay, manage their purchases, and get access to all of the information they need to attend.

Reporting & Business Intelligence

Data is at the heart of your decision making. With Nucleus all of the information you require - from course enrolment revenue to assessment question trends, or new event bookings - you have access to everything you need at the click of a button. Export large data sets to other business intelligence platforms.

Augmented Reality Learning & AI

Effective knowledge transfer is at the heart of what an association provides its industry. Once your expertly curated content is inside Nucleus, you can utilise both Augmented Reality and AI to give members access to the information they need quickly and efficiently.


The Lifting Equipment Engineers Association are a UK-based trade association serving thousands of members across the globe. In the past, all training was either physical classroom or virtually over Zoom - and always in English.

How could LEEA extend its training offering to all its members, regardless of where they are in the world or what language they speak?

Taking 10 well-established course manuals from LEEA, our in-house team of L&D experts use our software, CoursebuilderPro to create both on-demand and classroom digital assets, including assessment questions. We were then able to cost-effectively translate them into six additional languages.

What has this meant for LEEA?

Tom and the team at Nucleus Learning have helped us navigate a fundamental change in our training offering. Using their software, we have improved both our on-demand and classroom training, so more of our members see and feel the benefit. Learning is easier to schedule around work, has less associated costs, and is available whenever students want to access it.

Ross Moloney - Chief Executive of LEEA

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